The Print Suppliers Group is an organization of small to medium-size, independent, print ink suppliers covering the North American market.  The purpose of this organization is to consolidate purchasing for increased profitability, to share technical information, and to collaborate as a business peer group.

It is our mission to create an organization where regional companies can:

  • Organize and then optimize buying opportunities to create a more cost effective, profitable business.
  • Be the most effective distribution and sales channel for our strategic supply partners.
  • Effectively collect and organize technical information and make accessible and useful for member companies.
  • Encourage a forum for sharing products and ethical business practices between our members.

How PSG Supports the Mission Statement

We will accomplish this by:  

  • Providing a mutually supportive and positive environment in which every member has an opportunity and obligation to further our mission.
  • Pursuing appropriate local, national and global relationships with supplier partners by establishing realistic goals and expectations.
  • Negotiating with suppliers based on purchasing power of member companies as a group.
  • Growing strategically and responsibly the group’s and our suppliers’ position in the North American market.
  • Maintaining a framework that supports and expands our internal technical and business knowledge base.

For more information about PSG and their members, please click on this link.